Route 1 Schedule as of August 2017

Going to Booth Road Walmart      Going to Rosemont Court Parking Lot

  • Rosemont Court Parking Lot
    7:15AM; 10:30AM; 12:15PM; 3:08PM; 3:30PM; 6:27PM
  • Veterans Center
    7:20AM; 10:25AM; 12:18PM; 3:05PM; 3:33PM; 6:24PM
  • MLK Blvd. (Near Barber Shop)
    7:25AM; 10:20AM; 12:23PM; 3:02PM; 3:36PM; 6:20PM
  • Ignico Drive (Near store corner of Ignico and Tabor Drive)
    7:30AM; 10:13AM; 12:32PM; 2:55PM; 3:43PM; 6:13PM
  • Memorial Terrace (Near Stop N Shop)
    7:35AM; 10:08AM; 12:37PM; 2:50PM; 3:48PM; 6:07PM
  • Rocky's Food Mart (Elberta Road)
    7:39AM; 10:04AM; 12:41PM; 2:47PM; 3:52PM; 6:03PM
  • Ferguson Park
    7:44AM; 9:58AM; 12:47PM; 2:41PM; 3:58PM; 5:57PM
  • Springfield Gardens
    7:47AM; 9:54AM; 12:51PM; 2:38PM; 4:02PM; 5:53PM
  • Chevron (Elberta Road)
    7:52AM; 9:49AM; 12:55PM; 2:34PM; 4:07PM; 5:48PM
  • Exxon
    7:55AM; 9:45AM: 12:59PM; 2:31PM; 4:10PM; 5:44PM
  • Walmart (Near Colony West Apartments)
    8:02AM; 9:39AM; 1:04PM; 2:26PM; 4:15PM; 5:39PM
  • Houston Pavilion
    8:07AM; 9:33AM; 1:09PM; 2:22PM; 4:20PM; 5:34PM
  • Hospital/CVS
    8:14AM; 9:27AM; 1:15; 2:17; 4:25PM; 5:30PM
  • 400 Green Street (Near WRHA Training Center)
    8:22AM; 9:19AM; 1:21PM; 2:10PM; 4:32PM; 5:23PM
  • Giant Food Grocery Store
    8:28AM: 9:13AM; 1:25PM; 2:05PM; 4:37PM; 5:14PM
  • AGAPE Church (North Davis Drive)
    8:33AM; 9:08AM; 1:30PM; 2:00PM; 4:42PM; 5:09PM
  • First Baptist Church
    8:36AM; 9:06AM; 1:32PM; 1:58PM; 4:44PM; 5:08PM
  • Central School Registration (South Davis Drive)
    8:38AM; 9:03AM; 1:34PM; 1:56PM; 4:46PM; 5:07PM
  • Cam Campbell Parking Lot (South Davis Drive)
    8:43AM; 8:59AM; 1:39PM; 1:52PM; 4:50PM; 5:05PM
  • Booth Road Walmart
    8:50AM; 8:55AM; 1:44PM; 1:47PM; 4:55PM; 5:00PM


Route 2 Schedule as of August 2017

Going to Booth Road Walmart      Going to Watson Walmart

  • Olympia Drive
    6:45AM; 10:40AM; 12:05PM; 3:29PM; 3:30PM; 6:50PM
  • Watson Walmart
    6:55AM; 10:35AM; 12:15PM; 3:27PM; 3:30PM; 6:45PM
  • Galleria Mall (Near Golden Corral)
    7:05AM; 10:30AM; 12:20PM; 3:18PM; 3:36PM; 6:405PM
  • Centerville Library
    7:10AM; 10:29AM; 12:25PM; 3:12PM; 3:42PM; 6:35PM
  • The Assembly
    7:25AM; 10:25AM; 12:27PM; 3:09PM; 3:45PM; 6:33PM
  • BioLife Plasma Services
    7:31AM; 10:15AM; 12:30PM; 3:05PM; 3:48PM; 6:30PM
  • Lake Joy Walmart
    7:40AM; 9:56AM; 12:40PM; 2:55PM; 4:03PM; 6:20PM
  • Health Department/Employment/Court
    7:50AM; 9:46AM; 12:47PM; 2:43PM; 4:15PM: 6:10PM
  • Phoenix Center
    7:52AM 9:41AM; 12:50PM; 2:38PM; 4:20PM; 6:04PM
  • Cancer Center
    7:54AM; 9:37AM; 12:54PM; 2:34PM; 4:29PM; 5:58PM
  • Central Georgia Tech
    7:57AM; 9:33 AM; 12:56PM; 2:30PM; 4:30PM; 5:54PM
  • Shell Station 1200 S. Houston Lake Road
    8:05AM; 9:30AM; 1:02PM; 2:25PM; 4:35PM; 5:50PM
  • Flint
    8:13AM; 9:25AM; 1:04PM; 2:20PM; 4:38PM; 5:44PM
  • Offices Near Social Security Office
    8:17AM; 9:20AM; 1:08PM; 2:10PM; 4:43PM; 5:41 PM
  • Food Depot (Right rear of complex)
    8:25AM; 9:10AM; 1:16PM; 2:05PM; 4:50PM; 5:33PM
  • Houston County Career Academy (Russell Park)
    8:33AM; 9:00AM; 1:24PM; 1:53PM; 5:00PM; 5:25PM
  • Booth Road Walmart
    8:45AM; 8:50AM; 1:35PM; 1:44PM; 5:10PM; 5:15PM